Preseason Finally Over


Aug 29, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons defensive end Jonathan Massaquoi (96) returns a fumble by Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Matt Scott (5) for a touchdown during the second quarter at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of things happened yesterday and not a lot of it was pretty.  The preseason is finally over, and the real games begin.  For falcons fans, it’s only a little over a week before a huge week 1 opener.

If there is one thing I learned from watching the game in the dome yesterday is that if Stephen Jackson got injured, the Falcons would probably be fine.  However if the quarterback and all of the receivers got injured, the Falcons will be screeeeeeeeeeeewed.  The linebackers behind Stephen Nicholas, Akeem Dent, and Sean Weatherspoon may be starter quality anyway.  The linebackers are no longer a problem for me.

I also believe the Robert Alford’s horrible game in Tennessee was, indeed, a fluke.  It’s still preseason, but Robert was all over the field.  He intercepted, blocked balls and (in my own personal opinion) returned punts better than anyone else on the roster.

As for Lamar Holmes, I am officially worried.  I like to stay optimistic about a lot of things and would like to assume that the game in Tennessee was just full of poor planning and a bad game for everyone.  I was very hopeful that he (a starter) would come out against backups and ease everyone’s mind before the start of the season.  That did not happen.  Not even close.

He allowed a sack and allowed constant pressure from a backup defensive end.  In fact, it seemed like any passing play where the defensive end lined up where he could have a running start at Lamar would find a way deep in the backfield.  Don’t get me wrong, he looked just fine as a run blocker.  But he looked lost pass blocking.  Maybe he was slacking because he didn’t feel he had to be there as a starter while almost everyone else was resting.  I have no idea, but he didn’t look good at all and it is very worrisome.

But looking at a bright note, Jonathan Massaquoi looked great.  You obviously can’t count on a guy to sack the quarterback in every single game.  You also can’t expect him to force a fumble on said sack.  Nor can you expect him to recover said forced fumble on said sack.  And you certainly can’t expect him to return said recovered football on said forced fumble on said sack for a touchdown.  But it was really cool when it happened.  That does show a high motor and massive determination.  Massaquoi will get several chances to prove himself.

Tomorrow at 6, we will know the final roster and who made it.  Any predictions on who gets cut?