Now Is Julio’s Time To Rise Up


People who didn’t know how important Roddy White was to this offense got a good idea of how much against the Saints.

Acting as a decoy for the entire game, White finished with two catches for 19 yards. This is a man with a reputation for torching the Saints, and seeing him at less than full-strength for one of the most intense rivalries in the NFL was saddening for every fan that bleeds Red n’ Black. It’s obvious that the offense is not as smooth with him hindered.

He has a streak of 128 consecutive games, so I’m sure he’s played hurt in many contests. But, a high-ankle sprain is different than a sore hamstring or bruised thigh.

It’s called football for a reason.

Rumor has it that Roddy is in a walking boot, and that his injury could take 8-10 weeks to heal properly.

I believe the phrase “Next man up” is applicable here, and that man needs to be Julio Jones.

Atlanta’s assistant HC Terry Robiskie was instrumental in helping Roddy develop into an All-Pro receiver, but I believe his “Magnum opus” could be Julio Jones. Jones has been limited to a #2 role, but has the talent and ability to be a top-5 receiver. While Roddy heals, Jones should be unleashed onto the league.

Yes, he was great last year but his ceiling is much, much higher.

The Falcons will play their home-opener against the St. Louis Rams and their D-line could pose problems for us. Still, St.Louis allowed 324 yards thru the air against Arizona. Word around the league is that Cortland Finnegan has regressed and while Janoris Jenkins is a great talent, I don’t think he’s talented enough to hold Jones one-on-one. Julio should look to assert his dominance this game.

The development of Julio will be huge for us the next couple of weeks…

We need him to Rise Up now.