The Good, The Bad, and The Atlanta Falcons


Nov 17, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Atlanta Falcons running back Antone Smith (35) runs the ball in for a touchdown against the Atlanta Falcons during the second half at Raymond James Stadium. Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Atlanta Falcons 41-28. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

You may be wondering, “Why is it the Bad, then the Good?”  Well, I like to end on a high note, that’s why.  Then again, the Atlanta Falcons aren’t exactly a “high note.”  But that’s beside the point.  Anyways, let’s get on with the article…

At 2-8, the Atlanta Falcons don’t have much to lose.  Sunday, we saw some Falcons on the field that we aren’t use to seeing, and some playing out of position.


Center Peter Konz saw extensive action at Right Guard, while Joe Hawley was the anchor in at Center.  Konz didn’t have the performance we’d have liked, giving up pressure often and early.  Although, really anything that’s different from what we’ve been seeing through 11 weeks is welcomed.

Zeke Motta filled in for Thomas DeCoud for an unknown reason. He didn’t necessarily play bad, just that it’s never good to see one of your starters warm the cold, cold bench.  Whether it be poor-play, or an evaluation of talent; it didn’t matter.  The Bucs went on to ravage the Falcons in a “not as close at it looks” game with a score of 41-28.


Paul Worrilow started at Middle Linebacker, and prospered.  It seems as though the extremely unusual stats Worrilow has been recording have not been flukes after all, as Paul picked up a third consecutive double-digit tackle game. With 19 tackles in week 9, 19 in week 10, and 16 in week 11, that’s 54 combined tackles in 3 weeks for the UDFA.  Fact: Paul Worrilow is good at football.

Antone Smith had 2 carries, with an average of 44 yards per carry.  “WHAT, 44 YARDS PER CARRY YOU SAY!?”  You heard me right folks.  Warrick Dunn, I mean Antone “44 yards per carry” Smith had a 44 yard per carry average.  Don’t get it confused.

The Atlanta Falcons

They are stuck somewhere in between the last two bold headings.  I will refuse to believe this team is bad, because they’re not.  Injuries, an *ahem* underachieving offensive line, and flat-out mediocre play has put us where we’re at.  Changes will come, whether they’re warranted or not.  But come 2014, expect the real Atlanta Falcons.