Season Looking Like A Lost Cause As Falcons Prepare For Saints


Regardless of this season’s outcome, Falcons owner Arthur Blank has said that Head Coach Mike Smith will be allowed to play out his contract. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 season has been a disaster for everyone that bleeds red n’ black.

Meanwhile, the 28-41 thrashing at Tampa Bay has pretty much left the Matt Ryan and the rest of his teammates black n’ blue. Right now, not only is this team lacking confidence, they’re lacking the heart and resiliency of a team that was popular playoff lock only four months ago, and who could blame them?

The problems that the Falcons were faced with can simply be resolved with good coaching…The lack of solidarity on the offensive line, the lack of ‘beef’ on the defensive line, two rookie LB’s thrown into the fire. Lets not forget the injuries to Roddy White, Sean Weatherspoon, Sam Baker, and Julio Jones earlier in the year — all starters who’s production can’t replaced with mere rookies or waiver-wire talent. Owner Arthur Blank has already said that no matter the record at the season, Mike Smith will be allowed play out his contract (which expires in 2014).At the moment, fans have already tallied the season a mulligan, but, we can only hope that they can find they can find enough incentive to get it all together for one game that’s not just any old game.

The New Orleans Saints (8-2) will come marchin’ in the Georgia Dome for a Thursday Night showdown between the best — and by record, the worst — the NFC South has to offer. Personally, my hate for the Saints far surpasses my disgust with the Falcons overall record. Plus, nothing would be better for the city’s moral than a victory tonight in the dome, especially since they’re riding high after a 23-20 victory against the San Francisco 49ers. It won’t be easy and some fans won’t figure it possible after the showing in Tampa Bay. Still, it’s not hard to get amped up for a rivalry this deep seeded and a win here would probably be the only one worth salvaging among Falcon fans. Nothing’s really on the line here, the Saints are looking like a lock for the 2nd seed in the NFC, and the Falcons are looking at the 2nd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Bragging rights and pride are pretty much the only thing on the table this go round.

Drew Brees has this offense rolling. The return of Sean Payton and the addition of Rob Ryan has the Saints talking Super Bowl. I have to say that it’s definitely within the realm of possibility, especially with the run game catching fire (334 rushing yards last 2 games), and the defense looking stellar (averaging only 16 points allowed in their 8 victories).

Matt Ryan on the other hand, has just about interception-ed his way out of the elite conversation while the defense has allowed big play after big play in the passing game.

I don’t care if you’re the most die-hard ATLien, you are lying to yourself if you think this doesn’t sound like a recipe for disaster. With every character I type the gloom and doubt grows, but for some reason I still believe the Falcons can win this game. Did I mention that I believe in miracles too?

I will have my rabbit foot and Bud Light on the side while watching this game.