How Will the Atlanta Falcons Address the Line of Scrimmage?

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Veteran Offense

Oct 13, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens tackle Eugene Monroe (60) in action against the Green Bay Packers at M

This makes sense since Atlanta’s obvious strength is the offense.  It would be ideal if Atlanta cold put the most proven offensive lineman in front to protect Matt Ryan while drafting young and talented Pass rushers and run stoppers to bolster the defense.

In this scenario, Atlanta would put a lot of money for a talented tackle.  A guy like Anthony Collins from Cincinnati or Eugene Monroe from Baltimore may make excellent tackles either one of those guys would be immediate starters while Baker takes the otherside.  A guard like Geoff Schwatz or Rodger Staffold (who could also play snaps at tackle should there be an injury) could fill in perfectly at right tackle, and a center like Alex Mack if Atlanta really wants to sink some money into the line would be an immediate leader and valuable veteran.

Doing this would allow to draft primarily top talents on the defense in the draft.  Barr would be a perfect Nolan scheme fit and a tackle in the second and third rounds could pick up a solid 3-technique like Aaron Donald or possibly a 0-technique Nose Tackle that could solidify a scheme switch to a 3-4 defense.