Falcons Experts Roundtable

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Every week on Blogging Dirty we like to pose a few questions to our Falcons experts and see what they come up with. With the offseason getting going, we have plenty to go over this week.

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Alright, let’s get down to business.

What’s the more important side of the line for the Falcons to focus on this offseason, offense or defense?

Robert Stephens: I think both sides need a large amount of work put into them, but if I had to pick one that needs the most work, I would say defense.  With two of the defensive tackles needed to be resigned and an under performing and aging pass rush, the defensive line has the most questions.  Atlanta needs to resign Babineaux and Peters, add another tackle or two and add a full-time pass rusher. 

Jake Bennett: Thomas Dimtiroff has built this team around Matt Ryan.  With that being said, the offensive line was so atrocious in 2013, that it must be addressed for the team to remotely stay competitive.  The defense has some nice cornerstones to build around in Desmond Trufant, Paul Worrilow, Corey Peters (if resigned), and Sean Weatherspoon, so it’s safe to assume it will only improve with Mike Nolan at the helm.  Hopefully, we can fix the offensive line through free agency, and build a young, fearsome defense through the draft.  Both need some new talent, but since I have to answer which one is more important, I have to go with the offense.

Ben Grazebrook: The Falcons need help along both lines but the defensive line should be the priority this offseason. The most pressing need by far for this team is a pass rusher. The Falcons are desperate for an out and out pass rusher, someone that can consistently create pressure and disturb the pocket. The Falcons also need some depth at defensive tackle while also hopefully adding a big nose tackle.

Ben Sullivan: The offensive line has to be the most important of the two. The Falcons have gone all in on the offense with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, if you can’t protect long enough for them to connect down the field then they’re not going anywhere. Upgrading the pass rush is important, but it’s more of a luxury than the offensive line. No point in putting shiny rims on a car that doesn’t run.