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Can Gabe Carimi Make An Impact On The Offensive Line?

Ben Sullivan: I like the signing, it’s good from a value perspective, but I don’t think he’ll make much of an impact. If two teams have already given up on him, there is very little chance he has what it takes to be a regular starting lineman in the league. He’s good to have around for depth, but if Atlanta is forced to use him too much next year, then things have gone from bad to worse on the O-Line.

Jake Bennett: Carimi certainly has potential, and his 1st round pick status signifies that.  The problem is, he’s never been able to put all of it together and become a great lineman.  I see this signing as more of a depth move that was done to prepare for the Garrett Reynolds cut.  It’s a no-risk signing, so if he doesn’t work out, he can be but before the regular season even begins.

Ben Grazebrook: Gabe Carimi was signed to add depth to the Falcons offensive line and his versatility means he can back up several positions. Can Gabe Carimi make an impact? Yes, but the chances are very small, he is most likely a backup/depth player.

Robert Stephens: An impact is sort of a stretch.  They signed him to a veteran minimum kind of a deal and he still has a high ceiling.  He was one of the best tackles coming out of the draft in 2011 but fell flat on his face.  He’s only 25 years old and under good coaching from Mike Tice, he could develop into the type of player he was in college.  That’s all hopeful, but he will most likely be good depth.  He can play almost every offensive line position and has except for center.  He can be good depth at all positions.