Weekly Falcons Experts Roundtable

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Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Other than Thomas DeCoud, who we pretty much know already is on his way out, can you see the Falcons releasing anyone else this offseason?

Ben Grazebrook: Kroy Biermann is a player who I think the Falcons will seriously consider letting go this off season. Biermann was a great utility piece in Mike Nolan’s defense and was a deserved fan favorite. However, coming off an Achilles injury and with a $4 million  cap hit Biermann at the very least is a player who the Falcons should be considering letting go.

Jake Bennett: With the Falcons seeing a sort of youth movement last season, I could see them continuing it this year.  Osi Umenyiora and Kroy Biermann are two names that stand out to me as potential cuts.  Osi is an aging defensive end that regressed into more of a situational pass rusher towards the end of the season.  Cutting him would save the Falcons $3.5 million, and allow them to pursue someone like Michael Bennett without neglecting other positions.  Kroy, on the other hand, was about to finally be utilized in the perfect scheme until his achilles injury prevented him from doing so.  If Atlanta plans on drafting Khalil Mack or Anthony Barr, Biermann could be expendable.

Ben Sullivan: I think they will probably keep Biermann but get rid of Osi, unless he’s willing to take the pay cut they’ve reportedly asked him to take. The Falcons need to get younger and more athletic, and they just can’t afford to overpay for a pass rusher who doesn’t have the same kind of burst he used to.