Tony Gonzalez Tempted to Come Back to the NFL, But Not to the Atlanta Falcons


Tony Gonzalez told Newsday a couple of peculiar insights on his part.

He went on and on about how good Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos are going to be this season, and how they may even go undefeated, as he compared them to the former 2007 New England Patriots team.

“If they can stay healthy, who can beat this team?” Gonzalez on Denver Broncos

He didn’t mention the Atlanta Falcons one time in his whole interview, but however he sure did talk a lot about returning to the NFL… a “contender team.”

“I’ve had teams ask me to come back and play for them,” he said. “I won’t name those teams, but I’m happily retired, so I’m not even thinking about it. I’m looking forward to getting to work with these guys from CBS.”

So you read this and tell yourself, “okay he isn’t coming back….he just firmly stated he is happily retired and is not even talking about a comeback.”

But then there’s a twist.

“The temptation would be there, but I don’t know what the gain would be,” he said. “I’ve always wanted a ring. That’s been my main goal as a player over the last 15 years of my career. You’re really trying to get that ultimate goal.

“But I’d be a mercenary to come in and get a Super Bowl ring, play with a team for, what, six, seven weeks? And even if I got the ring, it wouldn’t be the same as going through the fight with the team from the beginning to the end. I don’t think that will happen. The temptation will be there, but I’m 100- percent happy with my decision.

“I was able to walk away from the game on my own terms. Not a lot of players get a chance to do that. I’m very fortunate to do that. I wouldn’t want to go back on that good luck.”

So I guess a  return to “Rise Up” is a no-go, as even Falcons fans themselves are saying how bad the team could be this season. Oh well….