Falcons: Will Jacquizz Rodgers Start Over Steven Jackson?


Against the Tennessee Titans, Jacquizz Rodgers had a field day running for 33 yards on eight carries. He also added 5 receptions for 31 yards through the air. His success thus far hasn’t been a one game fluke, Rodgers has had a productive preseason from week one to week three.

These exceptional performances leads you to ask yourself: “Will Jacquizz start over Steven Jackson?”

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It’s tough, given that Jackson hasn’t played a single snap of preseason action due to a right hamstring injury. So it’s hard to put down a proven veteran on the depth chart. But head coach Mike Smith should definitely consider it.


It is obvious that Rodgers has taken some of his potential and put it to use.

Starting from the first week of preseason, he showed he can make sharp cuts inside the tackles and use his height to his advantage (5’6). Speaking of his height, that’s one of his qualities that is special. Defenders have a hard time finding him behind all the big offensive lineman, which gives Jacquizz the chance to burst through for a long gain. Also, he is just getting started at age 24. He is agile, powerful, quick, can catch passes well out of backfield, and has a very good vision for a young kid. There is no doubt that it is time for Rodgers to make the leap.

Jackson probably won’t be back for the last preseason contest, but he may be able to play by week one. But it is questionable of if he will do well this year, because quite frankly, Jackson is declining. Instead of talking, take a look at his stats these past couple of years.

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His yards and averages have declined more than rising these past couple of years, so it’s safe to say that Steven Jackson’s prime is way in the past. However, just because his prime is gone doesn’t mean he can’t be productive. When this big running back gets in his rhythm, there isn’t many defenses that can stop his powerful runs.

So the question is, “Will Jacquizz Rodgers Start Over Steven Jackson?”

You can put up a huge argument, but no. Rodgers will definitely take some of Jackson’s carries away throughout the season, but unless Jackson consistently struggles week in and week out, he will stay at number two. It is safe to say however, that the Falcons have a splendid group of running backs. Not just Steven Jackson and Jacquizz Rodgers, but throw in the impressive Devonta Freeman, and you have yourself a three-headed beast.