The Atlanta Falcons Have Themselves a Serious Weapon In Devin Hester


The weapons that Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan holds this year are off the chart. The list goes: Julio Jones, Roddy White, Harry Douglas, Steven Jackson, Jacquizz Rodgers, and Devonta Freeman.

We can add another name: Devin Hester

“Devin Hester is a force to be reckoned with this season”

Hester was not much more than a special teams player the past two seasons, only accumulating just  611 yards and 2 touchdowns through the air. Things are about to change.

Against the Tennessee Titans on Saturday, he caught 4 receptions for 56 yards and a touchdown, highlighted by a 31 yard touchdown pass where he showed off his blazing acceleration.

He is fast, explosive, and a force to be reckoned with. The combination of White, Jones, Douglas, and now Hester is a four-some that will be feared by NFL secondaries.

But before we all get too excited, don’t expect the veteran to exceed over 1000 yards and 10 touchdowns. Why? Because he isn’t that type of player. But the Atlanta Falcons will use him, not only as a wide receiver, but a guy that could do everything. And that is the definition of an offensive weapon.

Know that the Dirty Bird Nation is lucky. A player like this (a successful one anyways) doesn’t come very often. As explosive as he is, the way he can contribute to this offense is endless.

“He did an unbelievable job for us tonight,” Ryan said of Hester. “That’s something that we’ve seen during OTAs and during training camp. When you get him out onto the practice field, everybody has been impressed. He showed what he is capable of doing with the ball in his hands tonight.”

“The ball in his hands.” That’s how the Falcons will use him, they will just put the ball in his hands and let Devin Hester do whatever Devin Hester does. Such as a screen, run around, maybe even a handoff with him at running back.

But as many of NFL fans already know, he is not only going to contribute catching the football. (well, I guess he is catching the football in special teams) Hester is still a dynamic kickoff/punt returner and as intruiging as Eric Weems sounds, number 17 still deserves to be the guy at special teams this year. And he proved he still has it last game.