Will the Falcons Offense Be Unstoppable In 2014?


Matt Ryan and the rest of the explosive Falcons offense is ready to take the field next week against the New Orleans Saints, a game in which is sure to be a shootout.

The Falcons are led by Ryan, one of the best quarterbacks out there. Before Hard Knocks, fans questioned his ability to lead. Call it “fake” TV, but you can obviously see that number two is the definite leader of this whole team. Coming with his leadership is the All=Talent package. He can throw medium routes, short routes, or even long throws with precise accuracy and power, a combination most NFL quarterbacks struggle with.

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Aside from Ryan, we”re talking about the rest of the offense here, and there is plenty of talent to showcase.

Julio Jones is similar to Dez Bryant,  just a lot faster. Julio can easily separate himself from corners with his “4.35 speed.” After getting injured last year after a strong start, the Falcons offense immediately dropped in quality. As long as this kid can stay healthy, he and Ryan should have a career year.

To have an unstoppable offense isn’t easy. It doesn’t just take one great quarterback and one elite receiver. The offense may be very good in that case, but they aren’t unstoppable such as the Denver Broncos in 2013. So are the Dirty Bird in any way sort of like the Broncos offense from last season?

Absolutely, let’s start with the receivers. The Broncos had Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker, two of the best receivers in the league, well Thomas is anyway. They also had a weapon in Julius Thomas, a dynamic tight end/receiver. So the important word here is: Depth at the receving postiion. And luckily, the Falcons have it.

After Julio Jones comes a talent-filled receiver in Roddy White. White saw his production drop tremendously the past year, but that doesn’t mean this guy can’t play football, because he certainly can. Then comes Devin Hester and Harry Douglas. Douglas is a solid fill in guy, catching for over 1,000 yards last season. Hester, so far in this preseason, has done nothing but impressed.

The Falcons offense is one to seriously watch out for in 2014. They don’t have a missing piece to the puzzle. The running back group is solid with Steven Jackson and Jacquizz Rodgers taking the helm, and the offensive line led by the veteran Jon Asamoah and first round pick Jake Matthews looks good on the field.