Falcons vs Saints: When the Saints Come Talking In….Again


Atlanta Falcons fans, it looks the New Orleans Saints Fansided Site “WhoDatDish.com” is at it again. Remember the first time these guys came at us? Everyone knows that the Falcons vs Saints rivalry is one of the biggest in the NFL. It’s almost always a good game, but this year seems extra special. It is the season opener with two of the greatest offenses in the league. So is there a reason not to be excited?

After the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, I tweed out that the New Orleans Saints are next.

Not more than five minuets later, they came back with a reply.

It was a “friendly” argument, but isn’t it sort of pathetic to have a #FalconsHateWeek? So I decided to come back with this.

Then here it comes. Being a classy fan, I didn’t insult the New Orleans Saints or WhoDatDish, but they decided to hurl the comments at us first, then it began.

It was pretty much a one vs two, plus the 3,000 followers that WhoDatDish had. I have around 800,  but then I called out the Dirty Bird Nation on Twitter and our friend at The Falcoholics came over and defended our beloved Atlanta Falcons.

The conversation went on and on, you can check out the full thing here. Follow @BloggingDirty on Twitter, and let’s get at those stupid Saints!