Falcons Quick Take: Is Brian Billick Right About the Defense?


"“I can’t think of another team  in the league that has less quantifiable talent on it defensively (as the Atlanta Falcons),” Billick told 92.9 The Game in Atlanta, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of theAtlanta Journal-Constitution."

Quite a flurry of angered Atlanta Falcons fans have talked about the famous former head coach and now analyst Brian Billick’s words.

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We all know the Falcons, as for right now, are trouble on the defensive side. The pass rush is getting nowhere, which leads to easy completions by the opponent’s quarterback, and the run defense is a one man show by Paul Worrilow.

But is the statement that the Atlanta Falcons have the least amount of talent on the defensive side valid, or just extremely foolish?

Brian Billick does not know what he is talking about

That’s right, I just called a former Super Bowl winning head coach of the Baltimore Ravens dumb.

The Falcons have plenty of talent, just not enough execution. Paul Worrilow is a true stout on defense, holding the defense as much as he can. Desmond Trufant is inconsistent, but his extreme talent is undeniable. Kemal Ishmael is more than you think, trust me. Corey Peters is coming off of an injury, but looks as if he is ready to break out in a huge way.

So if you are talking about talent, Billick, you are incorrect; nada; wrong; sorry. Execution on the other hand is a different story. It seems as if the Falcons can’t channel all this talent together and simply perform even at a decent level.

Time will tell, but I think with time this defense will get better.