Atlanta Falcons vs Bears: Must Win for the Dirty Birds?


Starting off the season 2-3 may not be as bad as it sounds but if you listen to a die hard Atlanta Falcons fan right now, you might think the team is 0-5.

The criticism to come if the Dirty Birds lose this next game against the Chicago Bears is going to be crazy. Fans have already started to demand for Mike Smith to be fired even when the team is still very much in playoff contention!

The Bears hold a series of weapons on offense, sort of like the Falcons.

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Brandon Marsrhall, Alshon Jeffrey, and arguably the best tight end in the NFL Martellus Bennett are three stars to fear at all times. Matt Forte is still one of the best backs in the league even after a slow start, and knowing that the Falcons hold one of the worst defenses in the league isn’t comforting.

The Falcons offense (3rd in the league in yards per game) on the other hand will try to break past the mediocre Bears defense (17th in the league in yards per game) and utilize the explosive Julio Jones as much as they can.

If the Dirty Birds lose here, falling to 2-4 even in a weaker division will be hard to bounce back from. The Ravens are in town after the Bears, and they are a very good team. So, you tell me. Is the next game a must-win for Mike Smith and the rest of the Atlanta Falcons organization?