Unsung Atlanta Falcons: Paul Worrilow


Welcome to the first edition of a weekly series only on BloggingDirty.com. Each Friday, a post will go up featuring a player on the Atlanta Falcons that many people don’t really talk about but is one that deserves recognition.

The first player is: Paul Worrilow……

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Fans see a missed tackle and go crazy. They mark that player as having a terrible game, and then sometimes even complain for him to be benched. That is the case of Paul Worrilow.

Worrilow isn’t given enough respect for his actions. He is among the top 3 in the NFL in tackles with 58, but is constantly criticized for his missed tackles and made fun of for being an undrafted free agent. Trust me, I have heard PLENTY of Falcon fans saying he is a practice squad player because of his draft pick and nothing more, and that is just ridicoulous.


In 2013, Paul Worrilow may have been the most underrated player in the NFL. In just 12 games started, number 55 managed to to rack up 128 tackles and 2 sacks in his ROOKIE SEASON. So you are demanding to bench a player that has the potential to become the next Luke Kuechly. Anyone who has that type of rookie year especially at the middle linebacker spot is just screaming the word “potential.”

Let’s give him time. Yes, he isn’t off to the best start but the fact that there is no one else but him to make the tackles for this defense isn’t his fault.