Atlanta Falcons: Desmond Trufant Ready for Josh Gordon


Sure the Atlanta Falcons have one of worst pass defenses in the league, “according to stats.” ESPN and have already marked down Gordon as a breakout star this week, many predicting over 150 yards and a touchdown.

Oh how little does the world know about Desmond Trufant.

Look at the latest game between the Atlanta Falcons and Buccaneers. Where Vincent Jackson went, Trufant followed. Jackson was pretty much shut down the whole time, until our star cornerback went over to the other side to be matched up with Mike Evans.

Our star corner has “been studying Josh Gordon,” he told ESPN.

"“He’s a good player, obviously,” Trufant said. “He’s big and can run well. He runs solid routes. He’s got really good ball skills, adjusting to the ball. He can turn a short catch into an explosive play. He’s just an all-around, solid wide receiver.All of his targets and catches,” Trufant said of what he watched. “He’s legit. I just have to bring my A-game.“He moves around a little bit, but I think all of their receivers kind of move around to different spots. I know he’s going to fit right in with what they’re doing right now. They’re an explosive team; not only just him, but the other receivers. We definitely have a good challenge. I look at what they’re good at, I look at what they’re not good at, and I try to exploit that,” Trufant said. “I look at other corners that had success against that receiver. And I look at myself and am real about what I’m able to do. I’m just going to go into it just like any other game: confident in my technique, first. And I’m going to be all right.”"

He’s ready to shadow Gordon. He was asked about shadowing him the oppoents best player.

"“(Shadowing), it’s fun. It’s a challenge because if you don’t perform, there’s a chance the defense might not do good that day. It just keeps you focused. It keeps you challenged, and I love competing. … The only way I can become the best is if I shut down the best.”"

Hang on folks, this is going to be a great game between the Atlanta Falcons and Cleveland Browns.