Atlanta Falcons Free Agent Preview: Kroy Biermann


Welcome to the third part of an Atlanta Falcons free agency preview. In this series, we will be going over each player that had their contracts expire after week 17 of this season.

(first part was Osi Umenyiora, second was Sean Weatherspoon. Can be found here)

"TEAM FREE AGENCY PREVIEW (included in every article of series)There is no hiding the fact that this team is going to look new, fresh, even strange. We will not be seeing Mike Smith on the sidelines anymore, but a new face. Dimitroff and the new coaches are going to want to make changes for the city of Atlanta. Players will be released, they won’t be resigned, and new athletes will come in.Keep in mind that this isn’t a team that is rebuilding. This is a team that has one of the better, if not the best, quarterbacks in the NFL in Matt Ryan, arguably the best wide receiver in the league in Julio Jones, and a play-making cornerback, Desmond Trufant."

Atlanta Falcons DE: Kroy Biermann

Ahh Kroy Biermann, one of the most hated Atlanta Falcons player of the decade.

Let’s make this one simple, Biermann has as slim a chance of a 3 year old baby being able to solve a rubix cube on their first try. He will NOT be back in Atlanta going into 2015.

If you don’t know why, you probably have not watched at least three Atlanta Falcons games this season. Biermann’s main line when he “made a play” was when the announcer was yelling, “Biermann is finally able to take him down…OH WAIT he escapes!”

Basically put, the featured Hard Knocks star failed to live up to expectations. And Dimitroff apparently wants pass rushers….Sorry Kroy.

Prediction: The Atlanta Falcons will NOT re-sign Kroy Biermann