Atlanta Falcons: Is It Time To Cut Steven Jackson?


This move may be the riskiest that Dimitroff will ever make in his career, but it could pay dividends.

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On paper, this makes complete sense. Jackson has neither rushed for more then 1,000 yards or a 4.0 yards per rush since 2012, and he’s only getting older at age 31. And not only that, but if the Atlanta Falcons were to cut Jackson they would save 3.75 million dollars in cap space.

But some things aren’t in paper and that’s the value of Jackson to this team. There’s no doubt that his veteran presence of being in the NFL for over 11 years and being so successful year in and year out gives a boost to the team. And every true fan of the league knows and respects that Steven Jackson works so hard and gives everything he has.

First of all, keep in mind that 3.75 million dollars in cap space is no joke. That is enough to sign an above-average pass rusher or a reliable offensive lineman. But if they were to do so, who would start at running back?

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Well, one option would be to re-sign the electrifying Antone Smith, but Smith is more of a Danny Woodhead, a Shane Vereen. He isn’t the every down back that every team needs.

Another option would be to just start Devonta Freeman. He showed potential last season as a fourth round draft pick, but it’s clear that he isn’t ready for that kind of role yet.

And finally, why not draft a running back in the second or third round and hope he becomes the next Le’veon Bell or Eddie Lacy? Or at least someone that can split carries with Freeman and Antone.

Verdict: This is a tough situation that Dimitroff and Dan Quinn will have to discuss, but the Atlanta Falcons will not cut Steven Jackson for the upcoming season. They can make some other cuts to free up more cap space that isn’t as risky, because losing a veteran like Steven Jackson may do too much hurt to not just the offense, but the defense as well.

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