Atlanta Falcons: If Possible, Sign Adrian Peterson?

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Feb 6, 2015; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson autographs a sign for fan Brady Vixayvong outside the U.S. District Courthouse as the NFL Players Association

Here’s an interesting scenario: What if one of the best running backs in the NFL, Adrian Peterson, was released? Before we get into the details, let’s break down the chances of Peterson actually leaving the Vikings.

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First of all, one should know it has been settled that Roger Goodell will reinstate AP back onto the football field (April 14th) before any activities start, which means that the legal issues are pretty much done with. So that means the Vikings will bring back Peterson no matter what right? Wrong.

Adrian has over a 15 million dollar cap hit, which is enough to sign so many prolific players in free agency. The NFL is a passing-league now, and even paying over 10 million dollars in cap space a year for a running back is outrageous.

In a recent press conference, the Vikings ownership said that they would welcome back Peterson with open arms.

"“I think our organization and individuals in our organization from (owner and chairman) Zygi Wilf to Mark Wilf to Coach to Rick Spielman, all have made it very clear that they all would welcome Adrian back once he gets all the open items resolved with the league, and I feel the exact same way,” Kevin Warren, the team’s chief operating officer said Thursday."

But to bring him back, it’s highly probable that their G.M. will demand a contract restructure from the star running back, and with that there is a high chance that Peterson will just move onto another team. There has been plenty of rumors that Peterson wants out of Minnesota either way.

So let’s say Peterson decides to hit the market. Should the Atlanta Falcons make a move? Why? Should the Atlanta Falcons NOT make a move? Why? These next few slides will give you a clear idea of what the team should do.

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