Falcons Will Make Splash Signings


Falcons will make 2 Splash Signing and one of them will be a surprise.

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The Atlanta Falcons have a slew of holes to fill this year during free agency and the draft. It is important that they spend their money wisely. Of course they cannot spend the entire amount in free agency because they will need to sign their draft picks. Players can officially sign contracts when the league year starts tomorrow at 4:00pm.

Expect the Falcons to make 2 big signing tomorrow. One of the players I suspect they will sign will be Greg Hardy. He fits the bill for everything coach Quinn is looking for. The guy is a real competitor. Atlanta fans know him well, mostly for sacking Matt Ryan often. It would be nice to have him on our side of the sidelines sacking opposing quarterbacks. That signing would do 2 things;  get the Falcons a legitimate pass rusher and keep Hardy from terrorizing Matt Ryan.

My second splash signing will come as a surprise. I predict the Falcons will sign Antonio Cromartie. He has the size and coverage skills Coach Quinn looks for on his defense. We all know he loves Corners that can cover and Cromartie fits the bill. Don’t be surprised if the Falcons swoop in and scoop up a surprise free agent signing in Cromartie.

If the Falcons add Hardy and Cromartie their defense will be dramatically improved over last years team. Expect the Falcons to also sign a bargain veteran linebacker during free agency as well. What do you think of these possible free agent signings?