Atlanta Falcons: Fans React to Re-signing Kroy Biermann


Indeed, perhaps the most hated player in the Atlanta Falcons last season will be back with the team next year.

Kroy Biermann struggled mightily, he only managed to record 4.5 sacks as a full-time starter and missed an abundance of tackles coming his way. There’s a reason why the fans hate him so much, and it showed.

Reddit also blew up with the news.

"“A lot of the hate is probably undue and caused by the previous regime using him in retarded ways, primarily how they’d use him in coverage. They’d routinely line him up against slot receivers or TE’s that he couldn’t possibly hope to keep up with.That being said, he’s not terribly good. He’s okay-ish at getting into the backfield, but once he’s there he has no idea what to do. He’ll over-pursue when he’s supposed to set the edge, he’ll get straight up juked/run past when he shouldn’t, or he’ll fail to make the tackle completely. Also, between his retarded red contacts and his wife being on Real Housewives of Atlanta he doesn’t have a great reputation personally.All things considered, he’s good enough to play in the NFL, but he’s worn out his welcome here,” YEAH-DAAAAWG. “He sucks, his wife sucks, we’re just tired of having him around.” GatsbyKane"