Atlanta Falcons select RB Tevin Coleman, Blogging Dirty writers react


After going defense with their first two picks, the Atlanta Falcons decided to improve the offense in the third round, selecting RB Tevin Coleman out of Indiana. The Blogging Dirty staff reacts;

Harrison Nayler:

I was initially taken back by this pick, because I thought the Falcons could wait another round before taking an RB. However, Coleman’s talent is undeniable, and he will be a great fit in the zone blocking scheme. A true home run hitter, Coleman will probably see a pretty large role in the Falcons offense from day one, and will be a solid threat out of the backfield. Fans will love his ability in pas protection, even as a rookie. I struggle to think how defenses would stop an offense with Julio, Roddy and Antone Smith and Tevin Coleman in the backfield. While I was hoping for a linebacker or Eli Harold here, it’s going to be fun watching Coleman explode for Atlanta.

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Kevin Knight:

I love Tevin Coleman. He was my #3 RB in the draft. For him to fall to the Falcons like this is almost perfect. He’s a 3-down player that would be perfect for the Falcons zone scheme. All of a sudden, the Falcons RB corps is looking very intimidating.

Adnan Ikic:

The Falcons got the thunder to Devonta Freeman’s lightning. Tevin Coleman hits the hole hard, and he doesn’t take any plays off: great for Shanahan’s zone blocking scheme. Dimitroff was rumoured to have wanted him in the 2nd round, and got him in the third. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Tyler Back:

A trend has emerged in this draft: the Falcons are having great players fall right into their laps. Tevin Coleman is no exception. After putting up gawdy numbers at Indiana last year behind a pretty bad offensive line, he will get a chance to compete for a starting spot in Atlanta.

James Hicks:

Tevin Coleman is an explosive runner. I don’t know if he compliments Freeman and Smith quite as well as some of the other available backs, but Coleman will still be a great runner for the Falcons. Still, he fits the zone blocking scheme very well and he presents great value in the third. The Falcons now have two home run hitters in Antone Smith and newly acquired Tevin Coleman.

Righteous Chester:

Tevin Coleman is a solid pick. Runs hard and fast. Probably reminds coach Quinn of Marshawn Lynch. Great too end speed, hits the hole quickly and has cut back ability.

Sunny Minhas:

Coleman makes for a good fit in Shanahan’s zone blocking scheme thanks to his ability to hit the hole in a flash without hesitation. He’s a one cut and go runner with incredible burst and is able to create once the offensive line sends him to the second level. He also has bigtime homerun ability as evidenced by the many long dashes he had for Indiana where he was virtually the entire offense. His hands are reliable so Matt Ryan will enjoy that part of his game also. Coleman should form a solid combination with Freeman.

Freddie Boston:

Are the Atlanta Falcons having the best draft of any team in the NFL? They could well be. What great value for the Falcons here in the third round. Tevin Coleman out of Indiana is an explosive back who can do it all. He will be the starting running back for sure on this offense. He has a blend of speed and power and he can help out on the ground and in the air. Devonta Freeman has a ton of potential, and he now has a powerhouse teammate in Coleman. We all know how good the Falcons’ passing game is, but it’s time to take notice of their ground game. A+ pick to what is becoming an A+ draft for Atlanta.

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