Atlanta Falcons: Undrafted Free Agents To Watch


We now know the 19 undrafted free agents signed by the Atlanta Falcons ahead of the upcoming rookie minicamp.

Just on last year’s UDFA class alone, players such as offensive lineman James Stone, wide receiver Bernard Reedy, linebacker Jacques Smith, and others made a contribution to the team. It could be playing time in the pre-season, regular season, or a spot on the team’s practice squad.

With head coach Dan Quinn’s ability to discover talent, it is wise to at least give the UDFA’s class a look under the microscope.

Today we will focus on a few players to keep an eye on through minicamp and other offseason activities.

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Undrafted Free Agents to Watch

CB Kevin White, TCU

The name may sound familiar however, the 5’10” cornerback from TCU is a player to definitely keep your eye on. Most draft gurus slotted White to be drafted between Rounds 2 and 4, so it was a little odd to see this talented corner go undrafted.

If you recall, the cornerback Kevin White played an excellent game against the wide receiver Kevin White, the No. 7 overall draft pick, and held him to just three catches for 28 yards. White possesses great ball skills and can be a factor at the slot position.

DT Joey Mbu, Houston

You can’t teach size, and Mbu has that at 6’3, 310 pounds. Not only does he have size, but he also has something that a lot of coaches covet out of their players: Effort. Mbu is an active player who plays hard from the snap to the whistle. He also has a knack to keep his hands moving, which defensive coaches want from their lineman.

LB Derrick Malone, Oregon

An undersized linebacker with production, Malone has shown the ability to make an impact without prototypical size. Due to his size limitations, Malone’s calling card may be special teams. His leadership on the field was evident as he consistently lined up players in their spots. What he lacks in size, he has in football IQ.

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OT Eric Lefeld, Cincinnati

Let’s face it, the Falcons NEED depth on the offensive line, regardless of position. The 6’6, 310 tackle only missed one game in his last three years at Cincinnati. What hinders Lefeld some is his functional strength. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Lefeld can’t show off his technical skills that can earn him a spot on the practice squad and a chance to grow in the workout program.

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