Atlanta Falcons Depth Chart Breakdown: Wide Receivers

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This is the third of the series, where we be break down each position on the Atlanta Falcons’ roster following the additions made in the 2015 NFL Draft. Today, we look at the running back position.

So far, we have taken a look at these positional units:

Last season, the Falcons’ biggest strength came with their passing game. A lot of this is to do with Matt Ryan, but he was helped out with a talented group of receivers.

Julio Jones is quickly establishing himself as one of the best receivers in the league, and he will once again be the biggest weapon for the Falcons’ aerial attack.

The passing unit has the potential to get even better in 2015, and a lot of that actually has to do with the addition of running back Tevin Coleman via the draft.

If Coleman can play at a high enough level, he will command attention from defenders, which could lead to them stacking the box to prevent him from gaining yards.

What this does is open up the passing lanes, as well as the play-action pass for Ryan. With a fake handoff to Coleman or fellow back Devonta Freeman, all it takes is a defensive back to take the bait just for a second and the likes of Jones or Roddy White could be free in space.

The addition of Justin Hardy in the fourth round will help this offense, too, which we will get into.

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