Atlanta Falcons CB Robert Alford Ready To Fly


The Atlanta Falcons struggled mightily last season not just in the pass rush, but in the secondary as well. Now heading into the next year, Robert Alford will be a big part of whether the Falcons’ defense makes that big jump.

Alford ended last season with a broken wrist, but he is looking forward and wants to be a big part of the team. The Falcons drafted Jalen Collins in the second round, so Alford knows that he may have to adjust to a new role which is what he is doing.

"“I’d love to play outside and nickel,” Alford said. “I told the coaches I’d love to play both. Wherever they need me, I’m willing to play. As long as I’m on the field being able to compete and show my talent, I feel good.”"

At 5’10, Alford isn’t the type of cornerback that new head coach Dan Quinn is used to. Quinn loved to have big and tall corners on the outside in Seattle, which led to their dominant defense. Alford knows this, and had something to say on the subject.

"“Something I’ve always gone off of is, I used to watch [Darrelle] Revis, and Revis is not 6 foot and he’s not 6-3,” Alford said. “He’s 5-10, just like I am. It’s not how tall you are. It’s not how long you are. It’s not how fast you are. It’s whoever has the right fundamentals and whoever has that heart deep inside and wants to go out there and grind and compete."

According to ESPN, Alford has been working with veteran Ryan Clark to improve his game. OTA’s have started for the Falcons.

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