Atlanta Falcons: A Step in the Right Direction


As a fan base, being an Atlanta Falcons fan is a quick recipe for having a heart attack. The amount of heart break and passion that our teams have goes largely unnoticed in the Bible Belt.  Fans are quick to point out the teams in Cleveland and Minnesota as teams that have suffered long enough from not reaching the promise land.  However, Atlanta is also one of the cities throughout sports that have had periods of domination and periods of woe.  This season however, I believe will set the right mentality for success in this season and beyond.  Here’s a couple of reasons why.

1. The Players are invested into the team.

If there is one thing to agree with former coach Mike Smith is that he did lead us to be a very successful team during his time with us.  Keep in mind, before Mike Smith, the Atlanta Falcons never had back to back winning seasons.  Where Mike Smith failed was pushing us into the Super Bowl and even a Super Bowl victory.  We’re still waiting for Dan Quinn to coach his first game but, the players believe in the coach.

That’s not to say that their won’t be struggles but, unlike some franchises, the outright support for the team and it’s belief’s is very positive and it may shock some people this season.

2. The Atlanta Falcons made smart moral decisions

This week hasn’t had good news with the Atlanta Falcons with former LB Prince Shembo arrested on animal cruelty charges.  The Atlanta Falcons made the absolute right decision to release him and continue to build a team with strong moral fiber.  Fans always like to argue about the Comrade Filter being a hindrance than a positive but, you always run the risk with any player that’s drafted.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but, the important thing is to know your players.  However, the Atlanta Falcons shows compassion for it’s players when they sent Atlanta Falcons gear to future 5th round pick Grady Jarrett after his house burnt down the day before he was drafted.  That type of investment into your own team brings a culture of a working relationship with competitive spirit and a desire to prove yourself on the field and to the community.

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3. The Atlanta Falcons are a better overall team

We invested heavily into our defense with the signings of Adrian Clayborn, Brooks Reed, Justin Durant, O’Brien Schofield, along with drafting Vic Beasley, Grady Jarrett, Jalen Collins and Akeem King.

On offense the drafting of Justin Hardy and Tevin Coleman as well as Leonard Hankerson and Chris Chester should continue to make the offense competitive.

However, the biggest reason the Atlanta Falcons are better is their coaching.  Outside of Dan Quinn, Richard Smith brought alive a Denver Bronco’s LB corps, Raheem Morris as a DB coach where he did his best coaching with Tampa Bay, and Kyle Shanahan with the best QB he’s ever coached.

It will bring a new attitude to the team with future success on the horizon.  A step in the direction to going back to the Super Bowl.

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