Atlanta Falcons: Entering a new era in 2015?


It is difficult to say, but are the Atlanta Falcons the worst franchise in the NFL? And, if that’s the case, will they continue to be unable to fly towards to top? With the recent playoff appearances and winning records over the last couple of years, it’s not easy remembering the depths of despair for this organization.

Per a study by the folks at NFL Spin Zone, the Falcons were ranked 29th out of the 32 franchises of the NFL. There were many factors that went into these rankings, such as Super Bowl wins and number of Hall of Famers. It’s easy to point to the lack of success by the Falcons, as a whole, during their existence.

Despite being grouped as a “bottom dweller” on the article, I believe the Falcons have ultimately made the turn to right the wrongs. And, though, this not a one day, or even a one year fix, the bedrock of disappointment and failure is being transformed by the building blocks of hope that has been established.

Nov 30, 2014; Atlanta, GA, USA; A general view of the stadium during the game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Arizona Cardinals during the first quarter at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Still, the question arises as to if Atlanta will ever be grouped among the elite franchises in present and previous eras?

The city of Atlanta has an incredible draw because of the massive amount of businesses and travel.

But with this metropolis becoming more of an assimilation of cultures, the sporting franchises have suffered from the perceived disinterest of the displaced fans of other teams that have been caught up in the intertwining of obligations with business and life.

The Falcons have seemed to have missed the ship in the early years as the country was waiting to see these birds fly, but unfortunately, they had their wings clipped by mediocrity on the field and questionable front office moves that could not attract the distant fan.

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There were no Jerry Rices, Walter Paytons or Jim Browns. And to a team trying to find its legs, the lack of an abundance of talented players like those left the Falcons behind the eight ball.

Looking into the future, the Falcons will find it very difficult to be grouped with the upper echelon franchises who captured America’s hearts and have not let go, and are the teams that come to mind when you think of the NFL. But, there is plenty to love for the new chapter of the Falcons.

With the players mentioned before and continuing a great drafting strategy, the future for the Falcons is very bright, but the dark shadows of yesterday still loom largely in the minds of all of those looking, and waiting, for that day when the Falcons will be on top.

As we enter the era, we hope that this team can begin to fly to new heights than before.

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