Atlanta Falcons: Top five players from day four of camp

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3) Terron Ward

Undrafted rookie Terron Ward is making a name for himself early on at Falcons Training camp. The 5-7, 210 pound brute spent his college days at Oregon State and had a fantastic day today. On top of laying out Vic Beasley, Ward had several great runs on the day. Ward would have recorded at least 60 yards rushing on the day on just a handful of attempts.

unfortunately for Ward, it will be hard for him to find a spot on the 53-man roster. The Falcons already have three running backs who will make it over him, but has a great shot at getting on the practice squad. Something else you could watch for is him switching over to the full back position. He is a short, stocky guy and could fill that role and possibly win the job over Patrick DiMarco and Collin Mooney if he keeps this up.