CBS Sports: Atlanta Falcons have sixth easiest run to Super Bowl 50


The Atlanta Falcons are aiming to get back to the playoffs for the first time since 2012. But could they go one better? According to John Breech of CBS Sports, the Falcons have the sixth easiest road to the Super Bowl.

Factoring in Vegas odds, the first four games of the season and strength of schedule, Breech compiled a list of teams with the toughest road to the Super Bowl. Atlanta were placed 27th, meaning they have the sixth easiest road according to Breech.

"27. Falcons: The Falcons went 0-4 against the NFC North last season, if they do the same thing against the NFC East this year, the season will be over before it starts, thanks to a schedule that includes four NFC East teams in the first five weeks. If the Falcons to fall flat on their face, all’s not lost, fans can just watch the fascinating video below of the roof opening on their new stadium, which is scheduled to open in 2017. (Strength of schedule:32. Las Vegas strength of schedule: 30. First four games: 13. Avg. rating: 25. Overall difficulty: 27.)"

The NFC South was the worst division in football in 2014, and the Falcons secured five of their six victories inside the division. A similar record in the ‘South could set Atlanta up nicely for a playoff push.

The Falcons also boast the easiest strength of schedule, for what it’s worth. With everything factored in, you can understand Breech’s logic here.

Despite that, the chances of the Atlanta Falcons representing the NFC in Super Bowl 50 are slim. Even if they go on and win the NFC South with ten or more victories, they will likely fall when faced with the challenge of a team like the Seattle Seahawks or Green Bay Packers.

What do you think, Falcons fans? The playoffs seem possible, but the Super Bowl?

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