Atlanta Falcons: Devonta Freeman, Tevin Coleman return to practice Monday


Good news for the Atlanta Falcons today, as running backs Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman returned to practice. Both have been out of action with hamstring injuries, which kept them out of the Falcons’ preseason opener with the Tennessee Titans.

Brooks Reed is also back from injury.

As you can imagine, the Falcons were cautious with them as hamstring problems can linger and there is no point taking any unnecessary risks.

It’s unknown whether we will see them in action for the Jets game Friday, but it’s promising to see them back out there in practice. The Falcons expect big things with the run game this season, so it’s important these two get plenty of reps in Kyle Shanahan’s zone-blocking scheme before Week 1.

Reed’s return is also important for the Atlanta defense. After an impressive showing from the starters against the Titans, Reed will be able to slot in and get some reps under his belt before the regular season kicks off in a few weeks.

So it’s as we were with the battle to be the starting running back. Who’s your money on, Freeman or Coleman?

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