Atlanta Falcons: What Rex Grossman would bring to Falcons


According to reports, the Atlanta Falcons are giving a physical to the longtime NFL backup, Rex Grossman.

If Grossman is brought in, he will take on what seems another secondary role for the offense. Though the tenured veteran is experienced, it brings to light the issues that have been made apparent by this preseason: Yates and Renfree could be out.

When it comes to Grossman, most remember him for navigating the Bears to a Super Bowl appearance back in 2006 where a few miscues led to their demise. But can the Falcons really expect the same Grossman from nine years ago?

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that whichever Grossman arrives in Atlanta, the Falcons have grown even more desperate to have a trustworthy piece behind a shaky offensive line. Quarterbacks have to react all the more quickly in reading defenses and needs to be someone who will be able to make the right decisions in protecting the ball.

The good thing for the Falcons is that they are not attempting to find a replacement for Matt Ryan; Ryan has more touchdowns than incompletions this preseason. But it seems GM Thomas Dimitroff and company are taking a lesson from what is happening across the NFL as the epidemic of injuries are mounting amidst the prized players of certain teams.

Grossman will never be confused as a great deep ball thrower, but what he does bring is the experience and leadership that will be needed if the unthinkable were to happen to Ryan. And if nothing else, it is a buffer to protect Ryan from the inevitable if the Falcons are up late in a game. They can place the ball in the hands of a serviceable backup.

Luckily, the Falcons are not totally desperate as they still have a healthy Ryan, but this does show signs that the Falcons may be looking for a quarterback in free agency or the draft this next year.

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