How do Atlanta Falcons stack up against the NFC South rivals?

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers have been highlighted by a rush of young talent, headlined by the selection of Jameis Winston as the first pick in the draft this year. The resurrection of the dumpster fire has been a very slow process but Tampa Bay looks like a team that may be a threat to the Falcons beginning next year.

Will the renewed and rejuvenated Buccaneers have enough to pull off the upset against the Falcons when they play them these two weeks? Or will the offensive line be cohesive enough to give the high flying offense some time to throw?

 Buccaneers strengths

  • Receiving Duo – Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans will look to be a nightmare against a young secondary. They will get theirs against a high potential secondary that is still unproven against elite receivers.
  • Defensive Line – Ask Adrian Clayborn how much opponents feared the Tampa defensive line, and he’ll tell you that it is often overlooked, but they have wreaked havoc on many teams… especially with inexperienced offensive lines.

Buccaneers weakness

  • Offensive line – This group of guys don’t have the quickest of feet, and Winston will have plenty of Beasley, Clayborn, and Hageman in his face. How they handle a retooled defensive front may be the detriment if not handled appropriately.

Buccaneers X-Factor

  • Mike Evans – Say what you will about a sophomore slump, but Evans will have a tremendous follow-up year to his rookie campaign. His height, weight and speed make him a nightmare against the Falcons’ secondary.

Prediction: Falcons 2-0

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