Atlanta Falcons: An early look at New York Giants game


After watching the game between the Giants and the Cowboys, every Atlanta Falcons fan has to feel a little better about the upcoming matchups with those teams as they both left a lot to be desired on the field. With that in mind, how do the Falcons look heading into the game next week against the G-men?

As I watched the game, it was miraculous how the great Odell Beckham Jr. seemed to have disappeared from the stat columns and was a non-factor throughout the game. It’s hard to believe that Brandon Carr has suddenly become Deion Sanders or Champ Bailey and was able to shut him down on pure talent alone.

Without Beckham, the Giants seemed to have no answer on the offensive side of the ball as the game of “hot potato” continued with all the dropped passes, and the offensive line appeared to be something that could lead Eli Manning to dreams of playing elsewhere after his massive contract signing.

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I remember when the Giants’ trademark was an overly impressive defense, but that seemed an afterthought as they continue to battle the loss of Jason Pierre-Paul, who, from the looks of things, was the only defensive player worth mentioning for New York. The Falcons’ passing attack will move the ball with relative ease against this hapless squad.

All talk this offseason for the Falcons has been around the renewed and retooled defense, but it came through in a big way against the Eagles. And though the Falcons may not have the best defense in the NFL, they very well could stifle the once-feared Giants offense.

Though it is early, you have to feel confident about how things are shaping up for the Dirty Birds early in the season. This run of games will show us a glimpse of where the Falcons will find themselves at the end of the year.

At first, what looked to be a daunting stretch for the first three weeks now appears to be winnable. There is added momentum for the Falcons going into the game against a team like the Giants, who are blinded by the limelight that went before them.

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