Atlanta Falcons vs New York Giants: Full Game Preview

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Who to watch

O’Brien Schofield

O’Brien Schofield carried his preseason form into the regular season last week, making a tackle and a quarterback hit in an impressive performance against Philadelphia. He can cause a lot of problems for the Giants offensive line, and I expect him to another strong game.

Tevin Coleman

Tevin Coleman always seem to appear on this list, but for good reason. Atlanta needs to test out a shaky run defense and they have the man to do just that. Coleman made an impressive debut with 20 rushes for 80 yards, and a similar number of carries can be expected against the Giants. He has big-play potential with his speed and could cause a lot of damage on the ground.

Roddy White

Julio Jones, as ever, will receive plenty of attention. If he finds himself in one-on-one situations, Matt Ryan will back his wideout to beat his man. But the Falcons will again need another receiver to step up to make plays when Jones is well covered. Roddy White did this job perfectly last week, catching four passes for 84 yards. Hey, they can’t double cover everybody.

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