Why the Atlanta Falcons are in the driver’s seat


The Atlanta Falcons have played two games and have won both in dramatic fashion. The Falcons held on for dear life to beat the Eagles in week 1 and need a 14-point fourth quarter to beat the New York Giants on the road.

Heading into the 2015 season, the Falcons (2-0) were awarded with the easiest NFL schedule based on last year’s team records, but the start of the season was expected to be tough.

the Falcons’ first four games featured the Eagles, Giants, Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans. Many expected the Falcons to struggle in those games, especially in the first three, but that has not been the case. The Falcons have flown through two NFC East opponents and will now face the Cowboys on the road with out Tony Romo who broke his clavicle in a 20-10 win over the Eagles yesterday.

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After the Cowboys’ game, the Falcons’ schedule loosens up quite a bit. The Falcons will host the Texans (0-2) and Redskins (1-1) before going on the road to take on the New Orleans Saints (0-2) and the Tennessee Titans (1-1). In fact, not a single team on the Falcons schedule has a 2-0 record except for the division rival Carolina Panthers.

That my friends, is why the Falcons are in the driver’s seat going forward. Nobody expected the NFC South to have two undefeated teams at this point, but that is the case folks. How crazy would it be to have two teams represent the NFC in the playoffs from the NFC South? Down right ridiculous,  but you cannot predict football. That’s a fact.

What do the Falcons have going for them? They have an extremely potent passing game and a running game that has done some great things in spurts. The also have a defense that has a much different feel to it and a unit that will make big plays when needed.

Are the Falcons a prefect team? Not by any stretch of the imagination, but the Falcons are a team that have a ton of potential going forward and with an extremely lenient schedule will give any team they play fits. The Falcons will need to continue to get better and work hard in practice, but the start of the 2015 season could not have put the team in a better position going forward.

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