NFL power rankings: Atlanta Falcons continue to rise


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The Atlanta Falcons remain undefeated. After a 2nd half resurgence in Dallas, the Falcons move on to 3-0. Of the 32 teams in the league, only seven remain undefeated. The Falcons put together a win coming back from a 14-point deficit early and again showing that they have the grit and perseverance to fight from behind and win.

Again, the Falcons have yet to play their best football but continue to find ways to win. Analysts had them ranked in the bottom ten at the start of the season, but the spark that the Falcons have shown has boosted them in the rankings across the many coverage sites. Here’s a roundup of those rankings.

FanSided — 8

Last week: 13
Differential: +5

"Atlanta started slowly, but finished strong. After giving up 28 first-half points to Dallas, the Falcons blanked the Cowboys in the game’s final 30 minutes. Matt Ryan was his usual efficient self, while the real surprise was running back Devonta Freeman." – 7

Last week: 10
Differential: +3

"If you watched the first half of Sunday’s win over the Cowboys, Atlanta fans, admit it: You panicked. The Falcons got that field goal to close the gap to 28-17, then headed into the third quarter confident they could get the matchups (translated: Julio Jones on anybody in white) they needed. Who saw that kind of game comin’ from Devonta Freeman? Good grief. Freeman, who put up 193 total yards of offense and three scores, was running like the love child of William Andrews, Gerald Riggs and Warrick Dunn."

ESPN – 6

Last week: 11
Differential: +5

"The Falcons are 3-0 for the third time since the ’80s. They reached the NFC Championship Game the past two times they started 3-0."

CBS Sports – 6

Last week: 8
Differential: +2

"Three straight fourth quarter comebacks later, the Falcons are no longer happy that they own the wild-card tiebreakers over the Cowboys, Eagles and the Giants. If they can keep that run game going, their eyes should be squarely on the NFC South title."

Bleacher Report – 10

Last week: 19
Differential: +9

"Jones used Cowboys defensive backs as his personal speed bag, finishing with 164 yards and two touchdowns on 12 receptions. He’s now logged 440 yards over three games, and his 34 catches are the most ever during a three-game span to start a season. The NFL isn’t supposed to be this easy."

Pro Football Focus – 7

Last week: 8
Differential: +1

"There were only two games last year where Jake Matthews played the entire game, didn’t allow a sack or hit, and allowed one or fewer hurries. That has been true for all three games so far this year. His pass blocking efficiency of 99.4 leads all offensive tackles."

Week 2 Average Ranking – 7

Last week: 11.5

The Falcons fought hard on Sunday and left Jerryland with another win. This week they face the Houston Texans at home in the GA Dome. This week will prove to be a challenge for the offense as Houston boasts one of the better defenses in the league. And while the defense should definitely not underestimate Houston’s offense, they don’t pose much of a threat. 4-0?

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