Vic Beasley is a rising star in Atlanta Falcons defense


It was third-and-3 in the fourth quarter, and the Atlanta Falcons had just pulled a magical comeback and taken the lead in game. The Cowboys had moved the ball rather successfully all game, and the fatigue on both sides of the ball was shown in the sweat and pain in the eyes of all who were on the field.

As the ball was placed into Brandon Weeden’s hands, everyone knew that this was about to be the moment when the Falcons’ unblemished record was about to suffer.

But, then, it happened.

Sep 3, 2015; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons defensive end Vic Beasley Jr. (44) is shown on the sideline during the game against the Baltimore Ravens during the second half at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Like a cannonball, Vic Beasley ripped his way through the blocks of one of the best left tackles in the game, Tyron Smith, and with his eyes fixed on Weeden, every Falcons player and fan let out a shout that could have been read on the Richter scale, Beasley preserved the dreams of all watching wearing that red, white, and black.

There was much more to that incredible feat than merely a stop that preserved the game. This was personal, and the Falcons cemented their first round selection that many pundits thought was a reach due to his size. The ironic thing was this—it was probably his size that led him to springing around the larger man, Smith, as he burst around the corner.

What we are seeing is something special from Beasley. He is coming to life and becoming more well-defined in his trade and adding more and more to his repertoire. This could be a sign that he could catapult himself into the likes of a J.J. Watt or, at worst, a player like Robert Quinn from St. Louis.

This caliber of player affects everything in the game when they’re on the field. Beasley is showing signs of a veteran in his first few weeks, and every game he is getting better and better against supreme talent.

To put it into a better perspective: Beasley has lined up against three excellent offensive tackles, making for one of the most difficult learning curves. But what he has done in this three-game stretch is nothing short of outstanding.

It was during this time that Beasley gave a sneak preview of that force he is about to become, and it is now proven that this was perhaps one of the greatest selections for the Falcons in some time in the draft, as they may have a foundational player to build a defense.

Whatever type of player Beasley becomes, it is all but certain to be one that is special. Plays that have been shown the last couple of weeks are all but certain to continue as the talent opposite of Vic is not on the same level as what he’s gone against in these past weeks. Beasley is going to have the chance to show what sort of star he can be.

The followup act to the “sack heard around the world” will be tough, but Beasley has already cemented himself as the best—if not the second best—player on the Falcons defense.

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