Atlanta Falcons: How many games will they win in 2015?


Week 4  vs Houston Texans (WIN)

Week 5  vs Washington Redskins (WIN)

Week 6 @ New Orleans Saints (WIN)

Week 7 @ Tennessee Titans ( WIN)

Week 8 vs Tampa Bay Bucs (WIN)

Week 9 @ San Francisco 49ers (WIN)

Week 10 – BYE

Week 11 vs Indianapolis Colts (WIN)

Week 12 vs Minnesota Vikings (LOSS)

Week 13 @ Tampa Bay Bucs (WIN)

Week 14 @ Carolina Panthers (LOSS)

Week 15 @ Jacksonville Jags (WIN)

Week 16 vs Carolina Panthers (WIN)

Week 17 vs New Orleans Saints (LOSS)

The Atlanta Falcons have the easiest schedule in the NFL. The Falcons’ hardest stretch of the season was the first three games. Spoiler alert, the Falcons won all three of them.

Who do the Falcons have left on their schedule outside of the NFC South? Nobody stands out except for the Indianapolis Colts and the Minnesota Vikings. Why will the Falcons beat the Colts and lose to the Vikings? Here’s why.

The Falcons will be coming off of a bye week when they play the Colts and will be at home. Everything is pointing for a Falcons win. The Colts have looked absolutely terrible thus far and have one of the leagues’ worst offensive lines.

So, if that plays out to be true, I have the Falcons’ first loss coming at the hands of the Vikings in the very next week. The Falcons lost to this team in 2014 and will get another great game from them in 2015. The team has struggled thus far, but will likely be clicking on all cylinders by the time toe meets leather in week 12.

As far as the NFC South goes, I have the Falcons sweeping the Buccaneers and splitting with both the Saints and Panthers. I have the Falcons losing at home to the Saints in week 17, but don’t read too much into that. If this plays out like I hope it will, that game will be meaningless.

It isn’t crazy at all to think that the Falcons can win 13 games in 2015. It is very possible. The Falcons are appearing to catch every team on their schedule at the best possible time and will be a lot of fun to see how everything plays out in the coming months. Rise up.