Falcons vs. Saints set for huge installment in historic rivalry


When the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints take the field on Thursday night, another chapter in the book of hatred will be written.

Two teams who utterly despise one another will take their parts in one of sports most underrated rivalries, but this rivalry is far more than just football. The pride of each city rests in the balance of this fight on the grid iron.

The Falcons are one of the hottest teams in the NFL behind the three-headed offensive attack of Matt Ryan Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman. They continue to attempt their remarkable quest at supremacy in hopes of moving to 6-0.

But the Saints would love to derail any momentum Atlanta is carrying, and this clash will easily become one of the most important games in this illustrious war.


New Orleans enters Thursday as one of the greatest disappointments in the NFL. Their once heralded offensive attack has been stymied. But the fire in their eyes still burns enough to cause concern for the Falcons as they fight to preserve a winning season and attempt to return back into the talks for divisional champions.

The importance of the game is paramount for Atlanta and New Orleans as the jazz on the streets of the “Big Easy” will soon be overpowered by the sounds of war on the football field. And the malice that flows through both teams will take over as this rivalry grows with rejuvenated vigor.

This game will define the rest of the way for the Falcons and Saints in their conquests for divisional positioning, and it will be this battle that will solidify each franchise this year as a legitimate contender or pretender.

This may be just one week on the calendar, but if you were to ask any Saints or Falcons player, this is the most important game of the year.

History shows that this hatred has been fueled by the ups and downs of both teams throughout this rivalry, but this one is set to become one of the legendary affairs between these teams.

New Orleans may be called “the Big Easy”, but expect this game to be anything but easy-going. And prepare for pure, old-fashion hatred to surface as both teams step onto the field. It’s the kind of disdain that has defined this rivalry for nearly 50 years, but with the situations of both teams, a new barometer could be set in intensity.

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