The Atlanta Falcons’ hopes of winning the NFC South are over


Whether Atlanta Falcons’ fans have accepted it or not, their hopes of winning an NFC South title in 2015 are officially over after the Carolina Panthers dismantled the Dallas Cowboys to run their record to 11-0.

However, the Falcons were given a gift from the Chicago Bears by defeating the Green Bay Packers on Thanksgiving night. The Falcons still hold onto the last and final playoff spot in the NFC with their 6-4 record and have a chance of solidifying their chances with a win over the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday.

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The good news for the Falcons is that they control their own destiny. If they were to win out, they would easily make the playoffs.

But the bad news is that they have no chance of winning their six remaining games, especially with the Panthers looming on their schedule twice.

The Falcons will need to win four games to secure a playoff spot. That would run their win-loss total to 10-6 and put them in a position to lock up the fifth seed.

Either way, the Falcons will not get a home playoff game this year no matter what happens.

As far as winnable games go for the Falcons, two games stand out over the rest. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Jacksonville Jaguars. If the Falcons can secure those two victories and knock off either the Vikings or the Saints they will make the playoffs. You can count on that.

However, if the Falcons continue to play they way they have as of late and puddle away games in the second half, their odds of making the playoffs are slim to none. Atlanta has already blown several opportunities late in games to put teams away and weren’t able to do so.

It’s time to show everyone what they are really made of. Was their 5-0 start a complete waste or are they actually one of the leagues’ best teams? The next six weeks will tell you everything you need to know about this 2015 Falcons team.