Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers: Tale of the tape

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The offenses

The Panthers offense might not look great on the stat sheets, but it’s been highly effective. The one stat that does stand out is the fact the offense is averaging 31.1 points per game, and ultimately, that’s all that matters. Yards are great, but points are what count.

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Cam Newton is the leader of the offense and he makes everything go. His passing accuracy stats aren’t great, but make no mistake, he can throw a deep ball and put it on the money just about every time. For every shot he misses, he will connect with another. The fact he’s doing it sans Kelvin Benjamin makes it all the more impressive.

Newton’s versatility makes the offense tough to defend. They can run the ball with Jonathan Stewart, but they are excellent in the play-action game which sees Newton hit the open field as a runner way too easily.

The Falcons’ run game has come a long way in 2015 after struggling in years past. Devonta Freeman has been outstanding, although his production has fallen away slightly of late. The Falcons need to get him going on the ground or in the passing game, because when Freeman has a big day, so does the entire offense.

If Matt Ryan can protect the football, the Falcons certainly have the talent to be productive, but recent form suggests the Panthers defense will win the day.

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