What does the Atlanta Falcons’ future hold?


The Atlanta Falcons have been regarded as one of the league’s worst franchises in the history of the NFL and as of late, that is a fair assessment.

Since 2012, the Falcons have won a combined 16 games and are on the verge of missing the playoffs for the third consecutive season. A lot of changes have been made to the Falcons’ franchise in the past year but what comes after 2015 has everyone wondering.

The Falcons could go in a lot of different directions in the next couple of years. They could trade away their franchise quarterback in Matt Ryan to help rebuild the rest of the roster or they could be in the market for their third offensive coordinator in as many seasons.

Option three would be to stand pat and not do either of those things and let head coach Dan Quinn and his front office rebuild the team via the draft and free agency. While all three options have legitimate worth, the likelihood of anything but option three happening are far-fetched up until this point.

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To think that the Falcons will part ways with a quarterback after one bad stretch is rather extreme and to think that they would do the same with a coordinator after only one season to gel with a new franchise pretty extreme as well.

While a major change might be best for the franchise, the history of this team suggests otherwise. The Falcons aren’t known to make rash decisions. They let things burn into the ground before they make a change and that’s likely going to be the route they take for Ryan and Shanahan as well.

If Ryan wants to continue with Shanahan after this year than it will happen. It’s ultimately going to come down to whether or not he can see himself succeeding in this type of offensive scheme. Ryan’s future on the other hand is completely out of his control, but to think that Arthur Blank would be willing to trade him at this point just isn’t going to happen.

The pieces are all here. Solid quarterback, solid running back and solid no.1 wide receiver. As long as the Falcons continue to build the defense and improve the offense here and there, this team will be very competitive by as soon as next season.