Atlanta Falcons: William Moore is as good as gone


After making the pro bowl in 2012 and having a tremendous regular season for the Atlanta Falcons, William Moore signed a 5-year contract worth 32 million and everyone was ecstatic. However, the fans have turned on him faster than they grew to love him.

Moore is injury prone and at the age of 30, he isn’t going to get any better. He holds the fifth highest contact on the team and is guaranteed 14 million dollars. Moore’s contact doesn’t expire until 2018, but it isn’t going to take that long to get him out of Atlanta.

Moore has played in more than 12 games in a single season just one time in his last five seasons. It has gotten to the point where people expect him to get hurt and it isn’t surprising anymore. After missing most of the 2014 season, Moore has lost his fan support and is now hitting injured reserve for the second time in as many years.

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People were already calling for Moore to get cut after the season is over and him hitting IR might just have sealed his fate. Moore is owed 6.5 million next season and isn’t worth the money. It would be more surprising if the Falcons elected to keep him around next season than it would be to cut him and use that money elsewhere.

Many thought that Moore would fit the Kam Chancellor role in Dan Quinn’s defense here in Atlanta but that isn’t a good comparison whatsoever. While Moore can lay the boom, he isn’t a great tackler and puts himself in a lot of bad positions.

It’s not clear who Moore’s replacement would be at this point in time, but it’s time to part ways with the once highly touted strong safety. He had a lot of good times in Atlanta, but Quinn needs to bring in players that he knows will succeed in his scheme and Moore just isn’t one of them.