Atlanta Falcons: Cardale Jones could be quarterback of the future


The Atlanta Falcons could look for a new quarterback in the offseason, and Cardale Jones is an option.

The Atlanta Falcons should begin to look for their next franchise quarterback very soon. Matt Ryan is clearly the team’s starter at the moment but he has not been getting it done as of late. Matt is having a bad season but I think they should draft a quarterback because he tends to be losing any zip that he had to get the ball to his receivers.

Ryan has never had the strongest arm but now his arm strength is almost laughable and does not pose a threat to other teams down the field, therefore defenses sit and wait on the underneath throws.

Enter Cardale Jones.

Cardale is still raw and didn’t have his best year at Ohio State this season but he has tremendous upside and more importantly he has a strong arm. Cardale can fit the ball into windows Ryan can’t. He would provide a boost to Julio Jones skills that will put the deep ball into play against opponents.

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He is also a huge QB at 6-5, 250 lbs which will make him very hard to sack, he somewhat reminds me of Ben Roethlisberger in the way he can escape pressure and shrug off would be sacks.

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Cardale would benefit from being able to sit behind Ryan for a year or two unless he picks up the pro game extremely fast.

The Falcons need to be able to get the ball down the field in order to not waste Julio Jones prime years. He needs a quarterback that can let him use his speed to outrun defenders that will free him up to make big plays over the middle.

Cardale would be a match made in heaven for Julio. A potential Jones to Jones connection would bring much needed life to Falcons fans as they await the opening of their new stadium in 2017.