Atlanta Falcons: Game balls for win over Jacksonville Jaguars

Well, well, well. This feels familiar doesn’t it?

The Atlanta Falcons have, for the time being, broken out of their mid-to-late season funk and have racked up a victory for the first time since late October. Granted, the victory was against Jacksonville, but in this league, under these current circumstances, a win is a win is win.

So why don’t we hand out some game balls to some well-deserving Falcons for their contribution.

Julio Jones

The team’s best player and one of the best players in the league had a very good game overall. With nine catches, 118 yards, and most importantly, a TD, Jones was targeted early and often which has been the case for majority of the season.

What is also astonishing is at the conclusion of the game, Jones walked away with 118 catches which is the new Falcons single-season receptions record. Hats off to the elite pass catcher out of Hoover, Alabama.

Matt Ryan

I’m giving a game ball to Ryan simply because he earned it. The stat sheet may not say so but this game was arguably the best Ryan has played in several weeks. 

He has an interception attached to his name from this matchup vs. Jacksonville but it was more of a great defensive play and not a bad throw. This season has been the toughest for Ryan so let’s see if he can build off this for the final two games of the season.

Kyle Shanahan

Shanahan has received some rocks thrown at him for weeks now. So why does he receive a game ball? One word: Balance. 35 passing plays, 33 running plays. There’s no debate that if Atlanta is on their game, they are easily a top ten offense.

What has gotten away from them was a balance offense which has resulted in drop-off of production from RB Devonta Freeman the past several of weeks. See what happens when the offense is balanced? Wins soon follow.

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