Atlanta Falcons: Will history repeat itself for Thomas Dimitroff?


Thursday, it was made known that Thomas Dimitroff was coming to the end of his rope with the Atlanta Falcons, and it appears that there is only one more chance to get it right or else he was going to be out of job. One has to wonder how others in his situation faired when their backs were against the wall, and, for Dimitroff, if history holds true, he will be packing his bags soon enough.

For the most part, Dimitroff’s career with the Atlanta Falcons will be remembered as one mired in poor-performance and, at best, mediocrity on all levels. Whether he was forming an offense or defense, the dots could not be connected well enough for to get the Falcons away from the sub-par group with teams like the Chicago Bears, Tennessee Titans and San Diego Chargers. And, it is rather entertaining that two former general managers from these teams now find their new office with the front office whose leader, Thomas Dimitroff, is more than likely leading a mass exodus at the end of the 2016 season.

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The writing has been on the wall for some time now with Thomas Dimitroff, who has struggled to gain fan support for nearly four years and the team ownership has taken notice during that time. Despite how gracious they may be, the Atlanta Falcons are desperate for fan support with all of the changes coming to this team with a new coaching staff and, now, a new stadium being built.

As the rope continues to shorten in Thomas Dimitroff’s career for the Falcons, he joins the likes of other GMs in similar situations, most notably Doug Whaley from the Buffalo Bills. Whaley, too, has been placed on the increasingly hot seat by Bills ownership, and, when Arthur Blank from Atlanta took notice, he had to realize that he, too, needed to place the same fiery coals under the office chair of Dimitroff because these two organizations are starving for gridiron success, and there is no better time than capitalizing on the talent on the rosters than now.

Though Dimitroff and Whaley are scorching on the burning office chairs, Dimitroff’s is much hotter than any other around the league. And, as history points out with the failures of Phil Emery, Ruston Webster and Martin Mayhew, the time is coming to a definite end for Thomas Dimitroff unless, by some miracle, the Atlanta Falcons win the Super Bowl next year. But, with the assimilation of the roster that has been made by Dimitroff and his staff, it would take a work of God for that to happen.

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So, as Thomas Dimitroff nears the end of his career, his best move will forever be remembered by the selection of Julio Jones. But, unfortunately for him, every GM gets lucky in the first round from time-to-time, and his office will soon be vacated as, more than likely, we will see history repeat itself and the failing GM will be out of job.