Ranking the Best Coaches in Falcons History

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Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports
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#1 Mike Smith

I’m sure there are a lot of you out there ripping my head off for not having Dan Quinn Number One. Relax. Two seasons is just too small a sample size, in my opinion, to rank him too highly.

Smith gets the top billing here for multiple reasons. He was the first – and only, thus far – coach to guide the team to consecutive winning seasons (5). He brought the team to the playoffs four times. He won the division twice. He got the #1 seed in the NFC twice He made it to the conference championship game once. He won three Sporting News Coach of the Year awards (’08, ’10, and ’12. He has the second-best (behind Quinn) won-loss percentage in Falcons history (66-46, .589), and is one of only four coaches in the team’s history (Quinn, Jim Mora, Jr., and Leeman Bennett being the other three) to have a career winning record with the team.

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