Atlanta Falcons: Surprising Franchise Records

ATLANTA - NOVEMBER 12: Allen Rossum
ATLANTA - NOVEMBER 12: Allen Rossum /

Some of these Atlanta Falcons franchise record holders might surprise you.

Most Kickoff/Punt Return Yards – Allen Rossum


Most fans would instantly guess Deion Sanders for most kickoff or punt return yards for the Atlanta Falcons, but Sanders is only fifth all time for Falcons punt return yards and third all time for Falcons kickoff return yards. Other popular guesses would be Billy “White Shoes” Johnson, Devin Hester, Tim Dwight, or Eric Weems, but they would all be wrong as well.

Allen Rossum, the Falcons’ return specialist from 2002 to 2006, is the Atlanta Falcons franchise leader in both kickoff return yards and punt return yards. He has 1,732 punt return yards and 5,489 kickoff return yards for the Falcons. While Rossum was not the most explosive returner, averaging 22 yards each kickoff return, he does have the highest volume and served Atlanta well during the mid-2000s.

Most Single Season Sacks – John Abraham


Excluding 1977, the Atlanta Falcons are not historically known for their defensive prowess. Though, Dan Quinn does seem to have the Falcons trending up in the right direction. That being said, the obvious guess for the holder of the Falcons’ single sack franchise leader is hall of famer Claude Humphrey. He was the star of the 1977 “Grits Blitz” defense and is the Falcons’ career sack leader.

However, John Abraham’s 16.5 sacks in 2008 are the most sacks by a Falcon in a single season. Abraham was a dominant pass rusher for the Atlanta Falcons in the late-2000s, notching 68.5 total sacks in his seven years in Atlanta.

Most Career Interceptions – Rolland Lawrence


Most interceptions has to be Deion Sanders, right? Wrong. And it’s not “Big Play” Ray Buchanan or Scott Case either.

Rolland Lawrence, Falcons defensive back from 1973 to 1980, is the all time franchise interception leader with 39.

Honorable Mentions:

Longest Reception – Michael Haynes (98 yards)

Longest Interception Return – Tom Pridemore (101 yards)

Most Single Season Interceptions Thrown – Bobby Herbert (25 in 1996)

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