Atlanta Falcons: WR Julio Jones easing his way back after surgery

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 22: Julio Jones
ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 22: Julio Jones /

After having offseason foot surgery, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is easing his way back into the swing of things and is okay with his progress

While it had to be unnerving to hear of another foot surgery for Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones this offseason, the veteran wide out seemed to be completely unconcerned with his progress since having the work done.

While he’s taking to slow at camp, the word according to Jones is that he feels like that’s the best course of action.

"“I feel great about it,” Jones said when talking about taking things slow according to Will McFadden of “We all know what I can do. There’s no need to go out there and just be like: OK, we’re going to go full practice, full speed every route, every rep. (I’m) just easing myself back into it. I know my teammates got me, and they know I’ve got them. I’m going to be ready when it’s time to go”"

Of course for a player like Jones who can dominate like almost no one else currently in the league, going easy at this juncture isn’t a problem at all. What’s most important is making sure he doesn’t rush back to the field before he’s 100 percent ready.

Following a 2013 foot surgery, Jones admittedly rushed himself back to the field and felt he did himself no favors. He apparently learned from that as he told fellow NFL receiver Dez Bryant not to take his similar foot injury lightly.

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Jones urged the Dallas Cowboys receiver to recover fully before trying to play, something Dez didn’t listen to as he struggled to keep things going in 2015. This time Jones seems to be taking his own advice. Come the 2017 season opener, fans will be glad he did as Jones believes he will be ready to go full strength by then.

The one concern may be him needing to work with new offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, however that can be mitigated by the rapport Jones and quarterback Matt Ryan have together.